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B.O.M.B Marriage Ministry

Bone of My Bone Mission Is To See Marriages Saved

B.O.M.B. Marriage Ministry

Bone of My Bone

Marriage is to be our first ministry. Our mission is to see marriages saved, healed, set free all while disciplining, equipping and empowering for ministry. This year, we have the ambitious goal of implementing new ideas, programs and retreats all while dealing with core issues. We will collectively cover topics from intimacy, money and communication to having fun through couples fellowship, as well as an intimate date night with our spouse. We are committed to the ongoing growth, support of each couple. Since we are to be the reflection of God and His Church this ministry is not only settling with the spouse you have but to operate in excellence. We will challenge each couple to help them realize that the rest of their days together will be the best of their days together. Therefore each couple can benefit, no matter how well it may be or how beyond repair you fell your marriage is there is something for you here. So whether you are a seasoned married couple or you’re just starting the journey, the B.O.M.B marriage ministry will encourage, challenge and equip you to experience a greater level of love and oneness with each other and God. A healthy marriage strengthens us as individuals, couples and ultimately communities. We look forward to the great things to come this year.